Introduction and Rules

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Introduction and Rules

Post  Administrator on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:28 am

Hey Pokémon Reborn. I'm Kodoku, your administrator. In this forum, you don't have to obey me and there aren't any strict rules. I want people to enjoy much as possible. However, I just opened this forum today so I'd like people to advertise this forum. Again, welcome to Pokémon Reborn and enjoy.

Pokémon Reborn doesn't have any strict rules. However, there are some rules I want everyone to follow.

1. Please do not spam, troll, post porn, etc.
2. No advertising. Advertising through signature is allowed.
3. Please do not ask to become an administrator or a moderator. I'll promote you, if you're good enough to become a moderator.
4. Enjoy and have fun.
5. You may add me on MSN. There's no need to be shy.
6. Forgotten is a hero but Wassay~ is a villain.
7. Please respect each other.


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